Reliv Independent Distributor

Family Results: I HAD NO IDEA THE IMPACT RELIV WOULD HAVE ON OUR FAMILY.  I was excited to find balanced nutrition. My body is allergic to chemicals and when I would take a decongestant for my sinus problem, I would be in bed for 3 days, so it was easier not to breathe well than not function.  With Reliv nutrition, I could breathe.  It felt as if my nose had opened and I lost 6 pound in the first week. Over 35 years ago, I was in an accident leaving me with muscle bone and joint issues.  This problem has totally improved and the bone scan showed osteoporosis in my hips also improved. My skin became clear and radiant. My immune system strengthened as I haven't been to a doctor for a sick care visit. I've used these products for heart health. I have more energy, handle stress better and enjoy running and playing with my ten grandchildren.

At age 80, my mother was in renal insufficiency with only 1 kidney. Her kidney was functioning under 30% capacity.  Her doctor said because her nutrition improved, her kidney improved. In 3 months her kidney was functioning over 50% capacity. She is now 89 and her kidney is still in normal ranges. She has been able to stay in her own home as her memory improved.  My sister has down syndrone and is 65. Drinking her shakes, she began using words and more complete sentences.  Reliv will always be a part of our every day nutrition routine!

Business:  Reliv has made our dreams come true. We earned a trip to Hawaii, a Disney Cruise and a trip to Malaysia with the Kalogris Foundation; experienced feeding children in schools and in remote villages embracing this gift with all our hearts. All expenses were paid by Reliv as well as many unexpected gifts and bonuses with each trip.   My highest bonus being $4000.  So many lives were improved, I started earning $1000 - $2000 monthly.  My highest month has been $7000. We love being part of the gift of hope and building Reliv as our retirement business.  We owned and operated an Automotive Business since 1993.  After 9-11, our business began losing money.  We invested our retirement into our business, paying employees and not ourselves.  By December 21, 2012, we made the decision to close the Automotive Business.  My husband had another job opportunity to begin in January, but December 24, 2012, he started having 8-9 hour nose bleeds. By February 2013, he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  The hope was to keep his immune system strong during chemo using the Reliv products, which they did. The doctors said he looked like a visitor and not a patient.  He came home from the hospital with only a list of Reliv products to continue using. He rides his motorcycle and tends our grand child that he thought he'd never see be born.  Now another grandchild has been born. I will forever be grateful to my friend that introduced Reliv to me and I will pass this gift forward to help others with their health and finances.  As important as our health results have been, the financial income has been so appreciated. We didn't know we would need another business as we owned our automotive business, but Reliv is a business I've been able to build even with the health issues experienced. My Reliv checks have paid my house payment, insurances and even bought my Reliv products and continues to grow through this chain of sharing and helping others find the gift of Reliv.